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Stockholm: Representatives of the Iranian regime met with militant protests

As the masses of Iran poured into the streets to protest the dictatorship on Revolution Day, February 11, as many as 500 protesters joined a solidarity protest outside the Iranian embassy in Stockholm to remind this terror centre’s staff of … Läs mer

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Massive military repression in Honduras – fight back against the coup regime!

During this week a massive wave of repression has been unleashed against workers and youth from the military of Honduras. The goal of the repression is to crush the movement that took to the streets after the military coup during … Läs mer

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Big protest against the capitalist crisis in Stockholm

On September 15, the Swedish parliament opened again after a long summer break. In the mean time, 2,500 people gathered in Stockholm to protest the government’s right-wing policies. The main slogan was: ”We won’t pay for the capitalist crisis”. The … Läs mer

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Wednesday: Protest police violence in Austria

Protest against police violence! When? Tomorrow, Wednesday, August 12, 5.30 PM Where? Sergels torg, Stockholm, by the entrance to the subway. Two Austrian pigs brutally shot down two teenagers last Wednesday. The teenagers were trying to steal something from a … Läs mer

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On the trial against Pirate Bay: For a socialist cultural policy!

The four people charged with breaching copyright laws in the trial against the Pirate Bay received a tough verdict in Stockholm. What do revolutionaries say about file-sharing and the downloading of music and movies? How do we make sure that … Läs mer

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Salem 2008: Gross attack from the police against the right to demonstrate

Here you can read Revolutions report and comments about this years antifascist demonstration in Salem, Stockholm, in english. The introducing passages have been added for our foreign readers to give a bit of a background to last weeks developments.

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REVOLUTION goes to Bolivia, part 2: The Fascist Governor (1)

Cerdo Fascista = ”Fascist pig”! A member of the Swedish section of REVOLUTION is currently travelling Bolivia. This dispatch from Cochabamba is the second in a series of reports on the Swedish REVOLUTION website. Part one, from Sucre, is here.

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