Wednesday: Protest police violence in Austria

Protest against police violence!

When? Tomorrow, Wednesday, August 12, 5.30 PM

Where? Sergels torg, Stockholm, by the entrance to the subway.

Two Austrian pigs brutally shot down two teenagers last Wednesday. The teenagers were trying to steal something from a shop. The 14 year old was hit in the back and died, and the 17 year old was shot in the leg and then arrested. The kids were ”armed” with a screwdriver and a rake but the fact that one of them was hit in the back indicates that they were shot while trying to run away from the scene.

None of the police officers in charge of the operation have been questioned, as they are ”not feeling well”. Meanwhile the 17 year old has already been questioned — even though he’s probably far worse off.

There are no limits to the police brutality of the Austrian state. The police is highly corrupt and have committed several similar violations before. The situation is similar to that in Greece last winter, but it’s hard to tell what the potential for mass resistance is. There are positive factors, such as the fact that the Vienna school strikes already joined masses of school youth in joint actions against the state.

The right-wing parties and the media have reacted with a mixture of anxiety and excuses for the cops’ actions.

For example, the conservative FPÖ (Frihetliche Partei Österreich) said that the reason to the event is that the police have too big a work load (apparently Austria needs more cops). In the easily understandable purpose of saving the bourgeois state, the Social democrats and the Green party demanded that the incident is closely investigated.

This Wednesday, 40 people joined a protest in front of the Interior Ministry in Vienna. REVOLUTION in Austria have been mobilising for a new protest there, and it will take place tomorrow, on Wednesday the 12th. Tomorrow’s protest is a co-operation with a reformist organisation and the Austrian REVOLUTION section are now hoping to widen the collaboration to include more groups. REVOLUTION Germany are planning protests by the Austrian embassy in Berlin. This protest will also take place tomorrow.

Protest the Austrian police’s murder of the 14 year old Florian! Join us and show your solidarity in the struggle against police violence.

Wednesday, August 12, 5.30 PM at Sergels torg, by the entrance to the subway.

– Website editorial board & REVOLUTION members and Arbetarmakt comrades who are currently in Germany

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